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The Torquay Series

The Torquay Series

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Own a Torquay landmark on your wall with one of Joe Edoni’s special stylised framed prints!

With its famous Mediterranean vibe, Torquay is a popular UK destination for tourist, both at home and abroad!

Using coloured fine-tipped pen, Joe presents some of Torquays famous and most beautiful scenic hotspots – in an all-new stylised look!

Pick from:

Torquay Harbour- Of course no Torquay series would be complete without the amazing Torquay Harbour! No matter the weather the Harbour never fails to disappoint with the turquoise waters and colourful architecture.

The Pavillion Theatre- Standing since 1912 this famous theatre is now a listed building in Torquay! It is an entertainment hub in the city of Torquay and has been over the decades, showing a wide variety of shows for everyone.

The Waterwheel- Located in Cockington Watermill, this historic wheel has stood since 1878, although is suspected to have older origins. A true hidden gem of Torquay that has now become a popular tourist destination!

 Comes with a premium wooden frame – Ready to hang!

(Non-framed print also available)


Frame size: 12x10 inches - MOUNTED

Frame size: 8x6 inches - MOUNTED

Print Size: 10x8 inches - UNMOUNTED

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