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The London Series

The London Series

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Own a London landmark on your wall with one of Joe Edoni's special stylised framed prints!

Being the UK's largest city and indeed one of the most visited cities in the world, its no suprise to see Londons beauty and rich history attract millions of visitors a year.

Using coloured, sharp-tipped pen, Joe presents the lively atmosphere of the UK's capital in an all- new look!!

Pick from:

Big Ben - Situated right on the banks of the majestic River Thames next to Parliament, Big Ben is a world renowned landmark. Built in 1859 this magnificent landmark has stood in the heart of London for over 160 years!

Ye Olde Mitre Tavern - Located in the thriving suburb of Holborn, this famous pub has stood since "1546", although with a few refurbs since then. Hidden down a lane this pub really is one of Londons hidden gems! 

Liberty Department Store - Situated on Regent Street in London, liberty Department store is the perfect example of old and new architecture combining to create a stunning and truly unique building! Founded in 1875, the beautiful Tudor influenced buildng was then modernised later on into a renowned department store! 

Comes with a premium wooden frame- ready to hang or free stand!

(Non- framed prints also available)

Frame size - 12 x 10 - MOUNTED

Print size -   10 x 8 - UNMOUNTED

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