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The Edinburgh Series

The Edinburgh Series

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Own an Edinburgh landmark on your wall with one of Joe Edoni’s special stylised framed prints!

Being the UK's second most visited city, it's no surprise to see how Edinburgh's natural beauty (and its historic importance) attract millions of visitors each year.

Using coloured, sharp-tipped pen, Joe presents the lively
atmosphere of the Scottish capital in all-new look!

Pick from:

Grass-market- The newest addition in this ever expanding art series! A beautiful evening scene of the beloved Grass-market area with the iconic castle towering over head.

Princes Street - On one side – a host of glamorous shops stretching as far as the eye can see. And on the other? Breath-taking views of Princes Gardens and the epic Edinburgh Castle. Whether it’s Shopping or relaxing in nature, there’s something for everyone on the city’s most famous street.

Old Town - From the Royal Mile’s cobbled, narrow alleyways to the St. Giles medieval Cathedral, the quaint and history-packed Old Town represents the true heart of the city.

Parliament Building - One of the city’s ultra-modern and most prominent buildings, proving that new really can merge with the old – in style.

Edinburgh Castle - Built in the 11th century on top of a dead volcano, the epic Edinburgh castle offers sensational panoramic city views - attracting over 2 million visitors each year. 

Edinburgh Victoria Street - This colourful street is located in the historic Edinburgh Old Town and is one of the most photographed locations in the city! The street was built between 1829- 34, it contains an abundance of eateries and shops for locals and tourist a like. 

Scott Monument - This outstanding piece of architecture was created in the 1840s to commemorate the life of famous Scottish writer, Sir Walter Scott. It overlooks the busy area of Princes Street and is the second largest Monument ever built-in relation to a writer!

The Vennel View - A true hidden gem in the capital, a staircase leading down to the Grass-market area of Edinburgh Old Town. From this historic lane you get a mesmerising view of the Castle towering above with its steep cliff sides!

Greyfriars's Bobby bar and fountain - Everyone knows the heart-warming tale of Greyfriars's Bobby, a story that shows the true bond between man and dog! To commemorate this heart-felt tale a fountain and pub was constructed in the name of this amazing animal!

The Forth Rail bridge - A towering Scottish landmark over the Firth of the Forth, an express highway connecting the Scottish Capital to the North. This mesmerising bridge is a symbol of Scotland one without a doubt one of Scotland's best man-made wonders!

The Writers Museum - An extremely important landmark in the capital, home to the works of 3 of Scotland's most renowned writers! A truly magical place for anyone who loves literature.

Leith Waterway Walk - This idyllic hidden gem is situated by the famous Edinburgh Port in the suburb of Leith! Recreated with vibrant colours this unique spot is brought to life by the artist.

Comes with a premium wooden frame – Ready to hang!
(Non-framed print options also available)

Frame size: 12x10 inches - MOUNTED

Frame size: 8x6 inches- MOUNTED 

Frame size: A4- MOUNTED

Frame Size: 28x20 inches- MOUNTED

Print Option: 12x10 inches Unframed- 10x8 inch Print MOUNTED

Print Option: 8x6 inches Unframed- 6x4 inch Print MOUNTED

Print Option: A4 Unframed-  9x7 inch Print MOUNTED

(All sizes are in Inches and unframed options come in a thick white mount with backboard, ready to fit into the frame size above!)

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