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Edoni Works

Hand-crafted Edinburgh Coasters

Hand-crafted Edinburgh Coasters

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Own an Edinburgh coaster set today with a pack of Joe Edoni’s unique hand-crafted wooden coasters!

8 different amazing coaster choices featuring some of Glasgow artist Joe Edoni’s most popular Edinburgh pieces!

A limited edition Edinburgh Christmas coaster is available NOW, this coaster is on sale until the 20th of December.

Sold individually or as a mixed set of 6 featuring 6 different exciting Edinburgh art scenes (as shown in the picture). Save £1.79 per coaster when you purchase the mixed set!

Choice of coaster sets available. Enjoy a wee slice of the beautiful and historic city of Edinburgh with your morning beverage, the perfect way to start of your day!

If you'd like to select further information send an email to "" or contact "Edoniworks" on Facebook or Instagram!

(Response time is quick!)



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