About Joe Edoni


Joe Edoni is a 27 year old online-based artist and resides in the Greater Glasgow area.

His inspiration to start the UK in Art series came from his influenced adventures while travelling across the country!

Having caught an eager travel bug - mixed with a talented artistic flair - his days of exploring lively UK towns and cities ignited a newfound love...

On-the-go pen sketching!

Crafted with stylised pen-form, Joe found a new thriving hobby of bringing famous landmarks (along with the quirky British architecture) into a whole new artistic light.

His mission through Edoniwork's is to offer simple, vibrant, and homely scenic locations that allow you to rediscover your love for your own hometown.

The artist has been creating art for over 2 years now to help remind you of those places that forever hold a special place in your heart. Joe Edoni chooses locations around the UK that work well with his unique style and create visually stunning works that make the perfect addition to your home!